Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nurse Practitioner Says "Nice To See You But It's My Day Off"

I know that I am your favorite health care provider, but can you please not come up to me in the mall or Walmart and ask me clinical questions? I would think that if I'm in flip flops, a tee shirt and shorts that would tell you that I'm not in a particularly medical frame of mind. Of course, if you are coding, attire is not an issue.
 I shouldn't complain, I know. I am glad that people come to me and trust me to fix all of their health needs that I can. I really love my job! Don't get me wrong!

Please let me get my nails done or shop for food or clothing on my day off... I need the mental break. I cannot remember every detail of your condition and I don't want to appear stupid when I can't remember them all.

Deep down though, I do enjoy the attention. It's like being a rock star..