Sunday, July 8, 2012

NPs In Florida Still Waiting

As of today's date, nurse practitioners are still waiting for prescriptive authority. Now is the time to contact your senators and congress members and let them know that it's time that we get on equal footing with the rest of the country regarding patient care. One of the most aggravating things that patients complain about is the delay in getting their controlled substances filled because I cannot write them.
I'm not concerned about the levels above Lortab for pain.  Most of my patients have a pain management provider but there are a few that don't have any insurance so they cannot afford 250.00 to go to those types of appts. I mostly need the sleeping pills and low level clonazepam for anxiety and restless leg syndrome. I also need the ability to write for ADHD meds for the children that need it to do well in school. I need to be able to write for men's testosterone meds in order to make them into nicer, less tired human beings.
The permission to write these meds have not be rescinded in any state so far. Why hasn't Florida and Alabama gotten up to speed with the rest of the country? I would love a straight answer from my congress and senate members just once! We as nurse practitioners can complain but until patients write or call in larger numbers, nothing will change. Please help by finding out who your representatives are and email or write them and demand answers!

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  1. Last I heard the MDs and ODs were not supporting the NPs in their effort to write scripts. All those seniors and minute clinics and it would be nice for NPs to write. I might even move there if that ever happens.