Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patients With Abnormal Labs And No Insurance?

One of the biggest problems that I face as a Primary Care nurse practitioner is when I see abnormal labs on a patient that has no insurance. The main worry is whether or not I am missing a bad diagnosis. Many of my patients barely have the ten dollars to get the tests done to begin with, let alone do anything about it if it comes back badly.

We have little resources out here in "rural health land". Most do not have gas money to drive anywhere to be seen by whatever specialist that might do a favor for me. Having Medicaid isn't much better. I can do just about any testing that I want but God forbid that I need a Urologist to do a prostate biopsy or take care of a woman's incontinence issues.

What happened to the medical profession that used to care for their patients instead of the almighty dollar? I understand the whole overhead issue. It's hard to maintain an office and pay your employees and try to make some money, but where is some compassion for your fellow man?

Please remember one day you or a loved one may be on the other side of the medical glass door looking in and needing help.

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