Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to Because Your Nurse Practitioner Says So!

Welcome! Here is the place for nurse practitioners to vent about practice issues, including ones that keep patients from being healthy. One of the issues that I have is non-compliance which is causing all kinds of chaos! Is this happening to you in your practice? Do your patients continue to show up at the office with uncontrolled blood pressures and blood glucose levels over 200s?
How do you deal with these problems? Chime in and let's get the conversation started!

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  1. RE non-compliance.
    I do not think it is planned. It is inertia.

    High blood pressure I think comes from stress, I assume your patients have to work, so have stress.

    The patients eating and exercise habits have been with them for years, it will take time for them to change, to learn new habits.

    If the patients want to change. You can`t make someone want to change, they have to have the reason in themselves.
    It is tough to change.
    I think fear of death or injury is a good (initial) motivator. Seeing is believing. Maybe having some photos of damaged human tissue. Stroke, digit amputation. Healthy side by side damaged. Then point blank state "this is you (disease) if you don't change."
    Bad Glucose in itself my inhibit proper thinking, so then it makes it impossible for the patient to change their bad habits, and choose the correct thing.